I am fortunate that I was able to begin my career with the foundation of shooting film. Here I learned the unique craft of large-format photography and the appreciation of a perfect exposure. Nowadays, in the fast paced digital world I still practice preparation and pre-visualization as though I am still shooting film.
— Denman Bennett

Denman Bennett is a nationally recognized commercial photographer. Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Denman at his roots inspires Respect of Place- the primary fundamental and methodology for all of his existing work. Nurtured in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, Denman later moved to the Southeast to pursue higher education and professional experience.

Denman desired and held an internship at National Geographic Headquarters in Washington, DC. He later graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Film and Video. Prospering from his degree, Denman worked as a project manager at a film production company in Seattle, Washington. Then, in 2007, Denman traveled back to the Southeast and starting working as a full time independent and freelance professional photographer.  He continued his passion for film and video as a videographer and audio engineer for multiple National News organizations; to be included NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX. Denman additionally worked on various original series, documentaries and reality television.

The initial focus and attention of Denman’s photography was architecture and interiors.  Denman since then has connected with some of the most prominent Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Magazines, and Book Publishers in the South East. His natural approach is sensitive to the client’s original intention.  It is organic, pure, respectful and simply unmatched.

Although, Denman’s work continues to take him to locations far and wide, he is currently still established in the South East.



Member of the Association of Independent Architectural Photographers Since 2008

Member of The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers