EMBARK / by William Bennett

Today.  Today, it’s time to embark on a deeper sense of my identity as a photographer.   Living in the moment and paying respect to what everyday life brings is a generous contribution.   In the past blogging has been accompanied by many unnecessary pressures.   And what seemed a generous contribution at one point quickly turned unadventurous.   As time moved forward, I became conservative.   So today, I have decided to dedicate more time to enjoyable blogging.  To turn my observations into creative outlets where I can share and express myself through my personal work.   With much aspiration I am committing this season, and seasons to come, to my blog.   I am holding respect in keeping everything intimate and imperfect - for imperfections are the reflections of the little things that matter most. 

I hope my blog will inspire you to live fuller in the moment, honor life and share life’s beautiful imperfections.   It will live here in its new home, the redesigned site of denmanbennett.com